Friday, May 20, 2011

How 2 Prioritize ur Jobs

One of the issues I had in my job was the difficulty in prioritizing the jobs. I ended up always working on something less important while the more important items waited for my attention. On top of this was the procrastination (putting off or delaying a job) of a less interesting type until it grows to the extent that it needs immediate attention.
People had different ways on working on multiple jobs, I am not really a multi-tasker rather a perfectionist and tend to believe that men are lously multi-taskers. Women I feel are better multi-taskers but lets agree not to talk abt the quality of their completed tasks.  ;)

I do one job at a time but with such a fantastic memory (Check if u can beat my memory) I usually note out the pending tasks in a list and cross them out when completed. The issue with that is I ends up picking jobs that I like and not fully on any priority.

This small utility that I came across during a recent Time Management class might help you prioritize ur jobs easily. Try it and u might like it.

Let’s say I have five pending jobs and they are
1) Project documentation
2) Code review
3) Testing the code
4) Coding New
5) Make some important but not urgent calls

I would rather make the calls first and sit with my new coding. Testing the code is already delayed even though its not a high priority item, code review requires your full attention and reading thru old code is boring, there is no way to find that attention. Don’t even think of documentation, I just hate it and don’t wanna talk abt it!!
This is kind of job I do. Yours might be different just list out 5 or 6 jobs of yours that looks equally important to you and the ones that you want to prioritize.
Now you compare each item with other one item based on their priority between those two. The screen shot tells you that the first item is compared with all the other items in the first column. The second item with all the remaining items in the second column and so on.

I compared documentation with code review and decided that review is more important. Then I compared documentation with testing the code and thought that testing can wait.

The screen shot above shows you how I rate each job with the rest of the jobs in each column. Let’s count who got the most marks and he is the high priority guy.

OK so I now had prioritized my jobs. I like it or not this is the order that I need to work if I wanna prioratize them.

What do U think..? Would this work for U..?

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