Saturday, January 15, 2011

Single Day Trek Kit

I came across this post from the site 'Nature Knights' and thought I should share it as a reminder.

Basic Check List and preparation for One Day Trek.

Essential Survival Kit for Outdoors

I came across this post from the site 'Nature Knights' and thought I should share it as a reminder.

Survival Kit for Outdoors

We have made this checklist for survival based on our practical experience and has not come out of a diploma course on survival. Too often we think of ourselves as separate from nature, forgetting that we are just a part of it. We would not spend much time waxing lyrical about our experience in nature; because you must have your own. So till you develop your own survival kit; here is one that may serve your purpose as a basic survival kit for outdoors; built on it based on your experience with nature and to suit the needs of your eco-adventure.

Clothing for the outdoors must be practical. Choose carefully, and don’t swallow sales-blurbs too willingly. In our experience, once someone has settled on a favorite garment they use it for many years. No single garment will do all jobs – you need a versatile system of layers that can be arranged to suit all weathers. Your clothing will need to cope with hot dry conditions as well as cold, wind and wet.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pinch your pain away

"Let's have a surgery on your back. Nothing to be worried of, it's so common now a days. But I should tell you that the last patient limped after surgery since they accidently cut a vein, u know there are thousands of veins in that area, one needs to very careful…" I listened to the doctor in utter disbelief.

I had a rough encounter with my back, to be medically correct, I had a serious disk prolapse at L4,L5 and L5,S1. This basically means that the disks (rubber washers that allow movement of the spinal column) slipped from between the spinal bones or 'vertebras'.

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