Saturday, January 15, 2011

Single Day Trek Kit

I came across this post from the site 'Nature Knights' and thought I should share it as a reminder.

Basic Check List and preparation for One Day Trek.

Track Pants or loose comfortable trousers; Preference is for trousers whose material is light and can stretch. Avoid heavy jeans.
You may carry spare one (Shorts or Capri).
Wear loose full sleeves shirt or t-shirt of material that can breath, but does not retain liquid. (Wearing thin hosiery material banyans or slips under your shirt / t-shirt is recommended). Carry 1 pair of spare shirts / t-shirts.
Cap or hat with good shade
Shoes – trekking shoes or touch sports shoes. Avoid shoes with high heals.
Carry Spare floaters, slippers, or light canvas shoes.
Socks – carry one pairs of spare socks.

Personal medical Kit and Toiletries
1) Velbet Skin cream for ticks or insect bytes
2) Bettnovet – C “Anti Fungal Skin cream”
3) Bandages - Band aid, Crape Bandage, Gauze
4) Anti-septic cream – Soframycine and Burnol
5) Paracitimol – Crocin
6) Anti-Dyheration - Glucose D/C and Electrol
7) Anti Vomit / loose motions, Anti – Allergies (optional),
8) Mosquito / Insect repellent
9) Pain killers and / or any other personal medication recommended by your family doctor.
Your medical Kit should contain your blood group and emergency phone number.

Other essentials in your survival kit
1) 2 meter x 2 meter plastic sheet (will be available in any hardware store)
2) Hand Sanitizer
3) Torch
4) Pocket Knife
5) Towel (light)
6) Small Plate
7) Mug
8) Thread and Needle (Carry one large needle and one small needle)
9) Walking Cane (should be 65% to 70% of your height – strong and light)
10) 3 to 4 water bottles (1 liter each).
11) Snacks for the route – Dry Fruits; Fruits; Salad Items; chocolates; biscuits etc.
12) Lunch and Breakfast – Options (Bread Indian or white; Vegetables home cooked or canned; Idlis; Boiled Eggs; Theplas; Chatni; Puran Polli; etc).
13) Basic Magnetic compass
14) Carry a note pad and two ball pens for your diary writing.

Backpack or Rucksack
Carry all your belongings in a backpack or rucksack with light items at the bottom and heavy stuff loaded around your shoulders level. If you have, compression straps in your bag use them to compress your luggage to make it well balanced.

You may also carry goodies like camera; small - binoculars, magnifying glasses and pocket field guide to make most of the trip.

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