Monday, November 8, 2010

Kindling My Reading

I had been reading a lot about Amazon 'Kindle' for a long time now. They introduced the eBook reader during Nov 2007. At that time I took it mostly as hype. I was not convinced to pay a dearly 400$ for reading books.

I use to read a lot of books when I was young. I had membership in many libraries most of the time, brought home thick books and read thru them without sleeping. Books talked to you, took you to wonderful dreamy land that was lots of fun.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Vanishing Cycle

He could still feel the tinkering in his feet after those long peddling. He had plans for many places to go, friends to meet and now it looks like it's over. He looked into the open vastness with his sad eyes. We watched him in sadness as well. A sweet dream was crushed and there was nothing much left to do.

The picture in the ad looked beautiful. It was a red sports cycle. Even though it was used it looked brand new. The asking price was 175. We called the guy, one philippino called Ray, and agreed to meet at his house. Akky I guess was not very positive, cause a second hand cycle was not exactly he had in mind. He had eyed a cycle in the shop, a kind of designer bike and he knew that his dad was not going to get him that for 400.
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