Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hurting your loved ones

This is one of the letters that I wrote to my non biological daughter. Recently I came across this and thought that it was a nice one to share.

Love n Hurt - I feel they are directly proportional. You cannot love someone without hurting them. I think love itself is hurting, the one that shows "happy everyone" exists only in movies.

If love hurts and the more u love, hurts you more then should u love someone. I guess one could compare it to taking a bath everyday. Bath makes u clean and refreshed that gives you energy to run more, the more you run, the more dirty u become. So to avoid being dirty dont bath so that u dont feel like running and u r less dirty.

I think being hurt is a wonderful feeling. Not from everyone but from someone who means something to you. Just for that hurt alone one should fall in love. Think this - I wouldn't hurt you, if I dont love you, if I dont love you then I wont know you. Knowing you would be a gift to me, you will hurt me too, but its worth it, the other option is not to know you.

Why does it hurt when u love someone. I think it comes with possessiveness. You think the other person belongs to you none but you. You dont like them shared, if shared u wanted to get the biggest slice, u dont like them laughing too much in front of others, spending more time with others, others cant be more important than you.

That points to the most important ingredient for love. You need to have 'time' for ur loved ones. Love is not to be understood, it need to be felt, its only felt when u spend ur time with ur loved ones. You cant send a lot of money to ur parents and expect them to love u. They will start loving the money cause that is what spends the time with them.

You can love someone with ur whole heart, but the one u love more will hurt u more. Immaterial if that is ur siblings, parents, or ur partner. Love also needs money together with time. If you dont have money it does not matter, but if you do then u need to spend that for ur loved ones. You cant expect to have good clothes for ur'self and ignore them all and think that u love them and they would love u.

Unconditional love exists but have a boundary, the nearer u r to the boundary, the thinner u will feel its presence. 

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